Fine Art Photography by Stephanie

  • seagull flying over river
  • Man made waterfall
  • Boats on a lake
  • Coeur D'alene Beach
  • Rabbit running

Hello and Welcome to my website

I am Stephanie Leberman, an aspiring young photographer and artist. I have an Associate of Fine Arts and am currently pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Photography.

My passion is capturing the beauty of the world around me and making it available in the form of of fine art photographs, which are available for purchase as standard prints, fine art prints, canvas wraps, and gallery mats on this site. Some of my favorite subjects are wildlife, in their natural habitat. Landscapes of nature in all its beauty such as forests, rock formations, cliffs, ravines, etc. Waterscapes such as waterfalls, rivers. streams and lakes. I am also interested in astronomy and will be combining that with my photography to make dark sky photos of stars, planets, galaxies and nebulae. Another of my loves is classic and antique cars and trucks, so I enjoy going to car shows and taking lots of pictures while I am there. I also like to try to capture new and unique perspectives of architecture and even ordinary objects and just about anything that I find interesting.